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Valve Terminology and Definitions
ACTUATOR: A fluid-powered or electrically powered device that supplies force and motion to a VALVE CLOSURE MEMBER. AIR SET: Also SUPPLY PRESSURE REGULATOR. A device used to reduce plant air supply to valve POSITIONERS and other control equipment. Common reduced air supply pressures are 20 and 35 psig. AIR-TO-CLOSE: An increase in air pressure to the ACTUATOR is required to cause the ...more»
BP Stems Oil Leak in Oil Disaster
On 12 July BP placed a new cap over the ruptured oil pipe in the Gulf of Mexico, hoping to stem the catastrophic flow of toxic crude once and for all. Almost 13 weeks after America's worst environmental disaster began with a deadly explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig, the end is finally in sight as engineers lower a device ...more»
Maintenance 101: Ball Valve Maintenance
Maintenance is generally throughout all kinds of industries an important topic. A famous example is the car industry: You have to get your car regularly to the garage for check-ups and maintenance if needed. The ball valve industry is no exception to this. Valves have to be maintained in order to keep it functioning. In times like these, maintenance is ...more»
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